Pikki Triton Dangler Earrings with Ametrine Drops



Pikki Triton Dangler Earrings with Ametrine Drop are slices of seashell heaven with earthly protection. Triton Dangler Earrings earrings are more than just a statement they contain strong healing and protecting attributes. Triton Dangler earrings features a sterling silver sliced Triton with a Ametrine drop. Ametrine contains healing energy that releases negativity from within the aura. It also inspires and keep you focused. Ametrine is said to alleviate depression, anxiety and stress, leading to inner peace and tranquility. The Triton is known to protect and provide clarity; with Ametrine this power is heightened. This is a powerful gift to yourself and your loved ones. Order yours today! Hand casted & Handmade in Denver, CO.


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