About Us

Our Vision

Pikki’s Vision is to help others activate and awaken self- healing energy, power and protection with seashells and to spread knowledge of sea shell power to enhance and empower others in their lives.

Our Story

Pikki has been creating beautiful seashell jewelry art for over 20 years. It started when she was just 9 years old spending days at the beach and pier with her grandpa and dad fishing and collecting seashells. She found her first sliced seashells and made them into a pendant and earring set. People would inquire about the unique pieces so she started making seashell jewelry shortly after. Pikki began hand casting her sterling silver jewelry in Denver, Co. Each sterling sliver piece has over 20 hours of love put into it. She pairs seashells with healing crystals and gemstones to amplify the healing power and properties. Seashells have been worn for protection for over 100,000 years. Seashell jewelry is the oldest form of jewelry known; it has an ancient past and is of great importance. Inside seashells are designs of infinity; which connect us with everything. Seashells activate our self-healing energy, protection, inspiration and attract your desires. As well as purify, cleanse and balance you. Everything is handmade in Denver, CO and blessed with love.

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