Pikki Triple Threat Turbo Necklace



Pikki Triple Threat Turbo Necklace feature three sterling silver turbos soldered together for a triple threat of magical shell protection.This is a one of a kind Pikki exclusive. The Turbo Shell protects, brings desires and keeps to ocean close to your heart. A truly unique piece of wearable art that will last a lifetime. Hand casted in Denver, Colorado. Only $698. Order yours today! Seashells have been worn for protection for over 100,000 years. Seashell jewelry is the oldest form of jewelry known; it has an ancient past and is of great importance. Seashell is a symbol of power. Seashells provide universal love, enlighten and protect from negative energies.Seashells are symbolism of the spiral, which represents the masculine and feminine energies, the sun & moon and infinity connecting us all. Seashells protect, inspire and attract desires.

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