Palo Santo Sticks 4


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Palo Santo 4 Sticks. Palo Santo is magical Holy wood from Peru. Palo Santo means “holy wood” and is in the Frankincense family. Used for purification and cleansing. Palo Santo’s smoke has therapeutic and medicinal healing. It can aid in physical healing of colds, headaches, inflammation and more. It can also calm, sooth stress and anxiety. Palo Santo can clear your space, crystals. And help you set intentions, bring you protection & blessing and creativity.

How to smudge with Palo Santo

  • Light your Palo Santo stick on fire and let it burn for 30 seconds or so.
  • Blow out flame.
  • Blow on embers to keep the smoke going and ask for blessing of your space.
  • Begin at front door and smudge clockwise through your space.
  • Re-lite as needed.

Make sure when you are done smudging you put your Palo Santo stick in a fireproof container, the abalone or lion’s paw shell is perfect smudge tool.

You can re-lite Palo Santo until the stick is gone.

Bless yourself, a friend or your crystals by smudging with Palo Santo smoke moving clockwise.

Palo Santo clears negative energy, brings protection and fills you and your home with love and blessings.


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